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Portable Screen Plant
in Augusta, Waterville, and Winslow, Maine

Caron Screening Company’s Portable Screen Plants Get the Job Done

Our portable screen plants in Augusta, Waterville, and Winslow, Maine, can separate gravel, loam, and mulch. We pride ourselves on providing quality customer service to several industries.  This machinery gets the job done, allowing you to take control of your own material. We can set up our Model 80 screen plant for use in a matter of minutes. If you or someone you know needs a portable screen plant in Augusta, Waterville, and Winslow, Maine, call (207) 834-5751. You can also contact us online anytime.

Our Clients Trust Us for The Following Services

Our Screen Plant Provides Bark Screening in and Around Augusta, Maine

Bark is an essential byproduct for energy production in the pulp and sawmill industry. Bark screening can help find out the potential quality gains and system productivity. Our Model 80 maintenance-free worker can screen this product to remove fine and oversize particles. By putting the substance through the screening process, you can have a higher-quality product yielding higher profits. Reach out to Caron Screening today if you are in the market for bark screening in Augusta, Maine, and surrounding areas.

Clients of Waterville, Maine and Beyond Trust Us for Shale Screening

Screening shale can remove large solids from the fluids. Shale screening is considered by most of the drilling industry to be an essential process related to the fuel’s cleanliness. Here at Caron Screening Company, our screen machines can help you to screen your shale adequately. Our Model 80 plant will separate solids within the shale creating a cleaner product for your customers. If you are in the market for shale screening in and around Waterville, Maine, give us a call today.

Contact Us for Gravel Screening in Winslow Maine and Surrounding Areas

At Caron Screening, we know the importance of doing the job right the first time. When you need gravel screening, do not settle for anything substandard. Our team of knowledgeable workers will use our Model 80 Plant to meet your needs. Customer service drives our team to be at their best daily. Choose Caron Screening Company for all your gravel screening needs in and around Winslow, Maine.

Caron Screening Company is Proud to Serve the State of Maine

Our customers mean a lot to us, and we strive to offer our best work daily. Since our inception, we have developed a strong reputation for our timeliness and professionalism. The team at Caron Screening cares for their customer’s needs, and we will go above and beyond to meet them. If you are in our extensive service area, call or contact us online today.

Contact Caron Screening Company when you need a portable screen plant in Augusta, Waterville, and Winslow, Maine.