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Vibrating Screen Equipment
in Ellsworth, Bar Harbor and Trenton, Maine

Our Model 80 Screen Plant Gets the Job Done

When you need vibrating screen equipment in Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, and Trenton, Maine, Caron Screening Company can help. Details matter to our staff, and we believe our Model 80 Plant can help make material screening easier. Caron Screening Company’s product has provided shale, mulch, and bark screening for many years. If you would like to learn more about our vibrating screen equipment, please call (207) 834-5751 during regular business hours. You may also contact us online anytime to receive more information.

Choose Caron Screening Company for the Following Services

We Are Proud to Provide Shale Screening for Ellsworth, Maine, and Beyond

Many consider shale screening a vital part of the drilling industry because it cleans the fluid. Caron Screening’s Model 80 plant can make the shale adequate and usable for the best results. Our product will get the job done efficiently while giving you more control of your product. If you live in Ellsworth, Maine, and surrounding areas, call Caron Screening Company today for more information on shale screening.

Our Product Proudly Screens Mulch in and Around Bar Harbor, Maine

For over 20 years, Caron Screening has helped customers with mulch screening around the region. Our vibrating screen equipment helps the most cutting-edge contractors and aggregate producers separate their mulch. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers get what they need for their mulch products. Consider Caron Screening Company for mulch screening in Bar Harbor, Maine, and surrounding areas.

Trenton, Maine, and Surrounding Areas Choose Us for Bark Screening

Our Model 80 Screen Plant has helped customers in Trenton, Maine, and beyond with bark screening. Contractors in the sawmill and other various industries use our vibrating screen equipment to reduce landfill tipping fees. Our product can also recycle and repurpose the waste from the substance to create other useful products. Call Caron Screening Company today for more information on bark screening.

Choose Caron’s Vibrating Screen Equipment for Your Company

Throughout the state of Maine, people continue to trust Caron Screening Company because of our attention to detail and professionalism. We pride ourselves on serving our customers well. Quality customer service drives our staff to be at their best every day. Caron Screening Company proudly serves several counties in Maine, so call us today.

Contact Caron Screening Company for vibrating screen equipment in Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, and Trenton, Maine.